Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Restoration, image editing, montages

Do you have an old photograph that is damaged or just needs cleaning up? Then we can help.

Do you have an old photograph that is damaged or just needs cleaning up?
Then we can hel

We can restore and repair damaged or faded photographs, remove blemishes, tint black and white photos or even create a memorable montage of treasured memories.

Photo Restoration

How many of us have a pile of old photos stuck in a drawer that have become damaged and/or faded?

Why not get them restored so that you can display them along with your other photographs.

Images can also be toned and/or enhanced e.g. removal of backgrounds

We do not work on your original image. This is reproduced and returned to you. We then work on a copy of your original.

Once the restoration is complete we provide you with the completed image/s on CD or DVD ready for printing.

We can also provide you with prints if required.

Photo Montage

Are you a club or society celebrating a centenary or other special occasion?

Got lots of baby photos?

Why not have a photo montage created.

All you need to do is send us the photos and provide the captions and we can put together a photo montage of your treasured memories.

Please give us a ring or email us for an estimate as prices vary dependent on work required and quantity of images.