Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Other products: accessories and non-jewellery products

We make a range of other products and accessories including, key rings, beaded bookmarks, phone charms, knitwear, buttons and other items.

Chunky Hat with flower

We have a small range of knitwear products for adults and children available.

All our knitwear is hand knitted using quality wools and often feature one of our handcrafted embellishments to compliment them and to make them unique.

Lavender bags are made using french lavender which is rich in essential oils and so maintains its aroma for longer.
Price: 3.50

Lavender Bags
Handcrafted Buttons

Our handcrafted buttons are made from Fimo(TM) clay and can be used for knitwear or in your crafting projects.
Prices start @ 1.00